Safest beaches on the Costa del Sol

shutterstock_77514475aOur guests appreciate the efforts made by Club La Costa World and our staff to ensure they enjoy a safe and secure holiday.

We specialise in offering family holidays where every care is taken to make sure that everything that happens on our resort complex is fun, exciting and relaxing, avoiding any unnecessary risk to endanger the health and safety of guests.

The 24-hour security surveillance system throughout all of our facilities, and the qualified lifeguards at each of our swimming pools, are proof positive of our desire to keep the resort safe.

But what happens when our guests decide to spend the day at one of the nearby beaches outside the resort?

The answer is simple, because the neighbouring town of Fuengirola is proud to boast that it has the safest beaches anywhere on the Costa del Sol

In time for the 2014 summer peak season, the town council has re-launched its ambitious and comprehensive ‘Special Emergency Service and Safety on the Beaches’ programme that proved to be a huge success last year.

25 lifeguards, two safety co-ordinators, a doctor, a technical director, an ambulance driver, a nurse, two lifeboat crews and a communications operator make up the team whose daily job it is to monitor the safety of bathers using the town’s beaches.

They are joined every day by a ‘Beach Watch’ team, comprising six pairs of security guards and a co-ordinator, who will be on hand to deal with any potential beach crimes that may occur, and there is also a beach cleaning crew consisting of 23 workers to keep the beaches clean and well-groomed seven days a week.

Every day throughout the summer season, the beaches of Fuengirola will have as many as 70 people – ably supported by the local police – working hard to ensure a safe and secure experience for holidaymakers visiting the town.

First-class on-site security and improved safety standards on the local beaches all go to make Club La Costa World one of the safest family holiday destinations available, so the only concern for our guests is to have as much fun as possible!