Self-catering accommodation is in!

The numbers don’t lie – people keep spending money on holidays! In Spain, hotel stays increased by 1.9% in 2013, according to the latest report from the Spanish National Statistical Institute (INE). There are not many people who want to miss the chance to escape from their daily routine and most of them enjoy days on the beach during their vacation. But one thing is changing – while people are still saving up money for their holidays, they now want to save money during those holidays too! In fact, demand for self-catering accommodation has risen 14.1%, because people can cook for themselves  and save money on restaurants and bar bills!

Self-catering accommodation in California Beach Resort.

Of course, there are other ways of self-catering, such as camping or hostels. However, self-catering accommodation and all-inclusive hotels are at the top of the list because one can avoid overspending at lunch or dinner – according to those people surveyed by INE. Another interesting point is that people prefer the self-catering accommodation available at resorts rather than renting private accommodation –75% of people surveyed booked holidays on a resort, while the remaining 25% preferred to rent privately.

 Picture of a Self-catering accommodation in Club La Costa World.

Andalucía, along with the Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands, remain at the top of the Spanish destinations rankings as the favourite for both international and Spanish tourists. Andalucía has an incredible range of self-catering accommodation on offer, and Club La Costa World is an excellent example, with its luxurious self-catering accommodation and options for every  kind of holidaymaker which consistently exceed guest expectations.

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