Discover Nerja

With its winding cobbled streets, traditional Andalucian buildings, stunning coastal scenery and delightful beaches, Nerja manages to retain all of its olde-worlde charm as a former fishing village and adds modern tourist attractions, shops and restaurants to the mix for a very Spanish day out on the Costa del Sol.

Nerja and the balcon de europa overlooking the mediterranean

Quaint and appealing, the old town is a network of lanes and narrow streets where the many pretty plazas will tempt you to stop exploring and take a cool drink in the welcome shade. The town’s historic Moorish quarter is among the best preserved in Malaga province and the atmospheric area features small shops selling local handicrafts.

Nerja is home to two of Spain’s most important and most-visited tourist attractions, with the elegant and equally stunning Balcon de Europa promenade and viewpoint contrasting with the raw, natural power and mystery of the world-famous Caves of Nerja.

The Balcon de Europa was originally called ‘La Bateria’ with a nod to a naval gun battery that was set in a fortified tower on the same spot during the Peninsular War, and later destroyed by the British in 1810.

a horse drawn carriage at the balcon de europa in Nerja

A typical horse drawn carriage at the Balcon de Europa in Nerja

Nowadays, it is a popular place to stroll in the morning or evening sunshine and also the starting point for a horse-drawn carriage ride around the town – the perfect way to get your bearings. Afterwards, simply relax over a tapas lunch and marvel at the majestic views – to both the east and the west – along the coastline. It is unlikely that there is a better spot in southern Spain from which to enjoy a sensational Spanish sunset.

The Nerja Caves

No holiday to Andalucia would be complete without a visit to the Nerja Caves. Widely renowned as one of the world’s most important historic locations, the caves were found to contain significant amounts of archaeological materials – including human remains, ceramics and tools – dating back to around 25,000BC, and a large number of cave paintings depicting hunting scenes from the Paleolithic period.

Three main ‘galleries’ in the caves are divided into a total of 12 ‘halls’ and many more chambers, each filled with amazing natural formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Space in some of the larger caves is more than sufficient for them to be used as amphitheatre venues for international concerts during the summer months – but don’t get too excited, as tickets are very hard to come by!

Public access to the caves is convenient and comfortable with well-constructed steps and pathways guiding visitors through this natural marvel.

Over a dozen sandy beaches and 300 restaurants

one of the many nerja beaches

One of the many beaches of Nerja

Outdoors, and away from the town centre, Nerja’s selection of over a dozen sandy beaches makes it the ideal place for a traditional family day out by the sea. There’s plenty to do too, with every kind of water sports facility and lots of rocky coves to explore.

And after all the exciting activity, Nerja has a dizzying number of bars and restaurants – some 300+ establishments in all – offering cuisines to suit every taste and budget, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

From Club La Costa World, getting to Nerja is an easy 96km (60 miles) drive along the A7 autovia, or for non-drivers, the lovely town and its attractions can also be enjoyed in comfort on one of the many popular excursions from the resort.