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Offering a host of stunning, historical sites and a vibrant city centre, Cordoba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the largest Roman settlement in Spain. Visit the Mezquita, revered by architects as the finest mosque ever to have been built during the long rule of the Moors.

Be Amazed by Cordoba's Rich History

Cordoba was founded as a major city by the Romans who recognised not only its strategic importance but also its convenient location as an inland river port, which was ideal for shipping precious olive oil, wine and wheat back to Rome.

Modern visitors can still witness the spectacle and grandeur of the city’s rich history, filled as it is with many striking reminders of times gone by. Most people who have been to Cordoba would say that their main reason for visiting was the Mezquita, revered by architects and archaeologists alike as the finest mosque ever to have been built during the long rule of the Moors.

Set right in the centre of the oldest part of the city, it is a building of remarkable power and elegance, which seldom fails to inspire those seeing it for the first time. In an age where the three main religions worshipped alongside one another, the Moors took an already impressive Baroque cathedral and built their mosque over and around it, without damaging the original fabric in any material way.

Festival de los Patios Cordobeses

Perhaps the best month in which to visit Cordoba is May, because not only is the spring weather ideal for wandering through the city but you can also witness the riot of colour which is the renowned ‘Festival de los Patios Cordobeses’ – the annual flower festival.

The ‘patios’ are an important part of the city’s old houses and are where family and friends gather to take advantage of some cool shade while tending to the many colourful tubs and baskets of plants and shrubs on display throughout the festival. Homeowners take great pride in their patios all year round to make sure that they can proudly show their beautiful courtyards to the judges and the public during the contest.

Take your time and explore at your own pace – Cordoba is a truly beautiful city with a wealth of attractions to suit all tastes and budgets.

What’s not to love about this wonderfully friendly and spectacularly historical town with its breath-taking festivals and awe-inspiring architecture?

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