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Home to Spain’s most visited attraction, the Alhambra Palacethe Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Granada boasts a wealth of other historical attractions. Just a 90-minute drive from CLC Club La Costa World, this stunning city is well worth a visit. Explore Albaicin, with its medieval, narrow, winding streets.

History On Every Corner

Granada’s Cathedral – commissioned by Queen Isabella following the re-capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs – was the first Renaissance church built in Spain and had its foundation stone laid on the site of the ancient mosque in 1523.

Almost adjacent to the Cathedral is the magnificent Royal Chapel (Capilla Real), where the remains of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were eventually laid to rest.

In the area between the Alhambra Palace, a stunning complex rebuilt in the mid-13th century by the Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada, and Sacromonte is the seemingly other-worldly Albaicin district. This old, whitewashed Arab Quarter – once home to over 40,000 people and 30 mosques – is a maze of narrow streets and tiny houses that cling precariously to the hillside below and opposite the opulent palace.

Enjoy a Granada adventure like no other as you experience the tiny shops and atmospheric bars with terraces where the sunset glows a flaming red over the Alhambra above.

The Modern City

After tasting all that Granada’s wonderful history has to offer, it’s also fun to simply wander through the streets and lanes that form the ‘modern’ city centre, marvelling at the rich cultural mix. Open-fronted shops where guitar makers still ply their skills sit next to ‘teterias’ (tea houses) where you might pause for a refreshingly delicious Moroccan mint tea.

Despite the name, the Plaza Nueva is the oldest square in Granada and is lined with wonderful shops and noisy bars where an ice-cold beer or a crisp, dry ‘fino’ sherry will still be served with a traditional free ‘tapa’.

Some of the more traditional gifts and souvenir ideas are Marquetry boxes with wooden inlays and intricate details, wickerwork baskets, delicately embroidered Andalusian Shawls and colourful Spanish fans trimmed with lace.

The lesser known Coastline of Granada has plenty to offer. Motril Salobreña or Almuñecar have some great gastronomy, a golf course and good aquatic activities too.

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