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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ronda is one of Spain’s best-preserved old towns with a wealth of historical buildings and cultural sites. Marvel at the 100m deep gorge, El Tajo, stroll over the 18th century El Puente Nuevo bridge or enjoy delicious tapas in the old town.

Astounding Views With a Rich History

It’s impossible to remain unmoved as you drink in the astounding views from the walkway that skirts the Ronda gorge and the 18th century El Puente Nuevo Bridge that links the historic centre with the ’new’ town, below it a yawning chasm.

Gaze over 100 metres of cliff sides which fall in dizzying descent to the river, Rio Guadalevín; it was here where many are reputed to have met their deaths during Spain’s Civil War, despatched over the ramparts.

Look out across the Serranía de Ronda mountains for views that will leave you reeling with wonder. The poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, described Ronda as a ‘town of dreams’, and while man may have made it also the scene of nightmares during its history, it continues to be as captivating today – he also wrote ´there is nothing that is more startling in Spain than this wild and mountainous city’!

Visit the Bandit Museum, which pays homage to the outlaws who once roamed the Ronda countryside, robbing the rich as they went.

Spains Oldest Bull Ring

The spilling of blood in the Plaza de Toros continues, and Spain’s bullfighting traditions owe much to Ronda. As a feat of architecture, the bullring is worthy of attention; even if you abhor its existence la corrida remains deeply ingrained in the culture of Spain. An accompanying museum goes some way to explaining its place here, and the influential role played by the Romero dynasty that developed the form of bullfighting still practised today.

If you prefer your blood red to be swirling in a glass and to be spilled from the grape, then Ronda will certainly not disappoint; neither if you prefer whites. La Sangre de Ronda (blood of Ronda) wine cellar and museum is housed in a building that was an Arab palace and dates back a thousand years. Here you can taste Ronda wines, produced even in ancient times due to the excellence of the climate and terrain, accompanied by a selection of Andalucian tapas (light bites). Tapas in the town rightly enjoy an enthusiastic following.

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