1. The CLC World Resorts & Hotels (“CLC World”) Membership Card (“the Card”) is only available to Members and Owners of CLC World and their associated products.

2. The card is currently only available for use at the following CLC World resorts:

a. Club La Costa World multi-resort, Costa del Sol, Spain;
b. CLC Monterey, Tenerife, Spain
c. CLC Paradise, Tenerife, Spain
d. CLC Sunningdale Village, Tenerife, Spain
e. CLC Trenython Manor, UK
f. CLC Duchally Country Estate, UK
g. CLC Alpine Centre, Austria

3. There are the following styles of card available:

A. Gold Card for Signature Owners
B. Silver Card for other Members and Owners
C. Topaz Card for Holiday Owners Club
D. Sapphire Card for Holiday Owners Club
E. Emerald Card for Holiday Owners Club

4. The Card is not a payment (credit, debit or charge) or loyalty card. It is CLC World’s way of rewarding you as Members.

5. Only food and beverages purchased using the room charge option, at the locations listed in point 12, will receive a 10% discount. Waves at Team Marina Club La Costa World in the Costa del Sol also offers a 10% discount to Members. Services must be paid for in cash at point of sale to receive the discount.

6. The Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

7. The Card will only be issued to the lead Member as held on CLC World’s Membership database. All obligations and responsibilities are joint and several between the Members where more than one.

8. The Card is only valid for active CLC World memberships and fair use applies. CLC World reserves the right to cancel or restrict any individual Card.

9. The Card is valid until 31st December 2020.

10. CLC World will not be liable for any unauthorised use of the Card.

11. CLC World has the right in its discretion and with or without notice to withdraw, cancel or change the terms and conditions of the Card and the applicable terms and conditions will be the latest versions published from time to time on this website.

Use of the Card

12. The Card may be used to purchase food beverages and Team Marina services at the following locations at CLC World Resorts & Hotels:

a. Club La Costa World, Costa del Sol, Spain

i. Sunrise, Sunset, Safari and The Cascades at California Beach Resort
ii. Zacary’s and El Rancho at Marina del Sol
iii. In-room dining requests for Signature Owners only in the Costa del Sol
iv. Coffee and patisserie items from Sam’s Pantry, Marina del Sol
v. Waves at Team Marina on selected services. Please ask at Waves for more information. Room charge is not available on these services. Services must be paid in cash at point of sale.

b. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

i. CLC Monterey; Sunrise Pool Bar and Sunset Restaurant
ii. CLC Paradise; Zacary’s
iii. CLC Sunningdale; Zacary’s

c. UK

i. CLC Duchally Country Estate; Monteaths Restaurant, Whisky Bar.
ii. CLC Trenython Manor; TM’s Restaurant & Bar

d. Austria

i. CLC Alpine Centre; Dining Room and Bar

13. The following retail outlets and items are EXCLUDED from the 10% discount offer:

a. Zacs First Avenue where applicable.
b. Groceries from Sam’s Pantry
c. Courtesy packs and special function requests such as, but not exclusive to, wedding, anniversary and birthday requests.

14. In addition, we may offer negotiated discounts with preferred suppliers. To benefit from these discounts, you must present your CLC Membership card on arrival at the preferred supplier’s business and mention it during the reservation process. Preferred suppliers are independent third parties and as such CLC World cannot:

a. Guarantee that there will be no changes to suppliers or goods shown.
b. Be responsible for the delivery and/or quality of any goods or services offered by such suppliers.

15. The Card must be presented before or upon request of the bill.

Additional Cards

16. The Card will only be issued in the first instance to the lead Member as named on the CLC World Member database. Additional cards can be requested for Co-Owners.

17. Additional cards will only be issued to those aged 18 years or over.

18. Members are responsible for all transactions made on the Card account.

Settlement of Charges

19. Charges can be settled during your stay but must be paid in full upon check-out.